Game Design Semester at RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik

Study advanced game design topics during Spring 2018 at RIT’s campus in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city, a UNESCO heritage site with a richness of architecture, narrative, history, and texture that lends itself well to new ways of thinking about games and game design. It is also one of the most popular cruise ship destinations in the Mediterranean, with thousands of tourists a day arriving in the city during the late spring, summer, and fall.

The Game Design Semester at RIT Croatia brings together RIT’s strengths in game design and development and RIT Croatia’s strengths in tourism. The result is a unique educational opportunity for those interested in creating games that help improve travel experiences by promoting deeper engagement and playful interactions.

Panoramic View of Dubrovnik's Rooftops

Panoramic View of Dubrovnik’s Rooftops

Courses Offered

Two advanced game design electives will be offered in Dubrovnik during the spring semester. The first is a seminar on Games and Tourism, focused on how games can be used to improve the experience of travelers. The second is a Production Studio class in which students will develop a game focused specifically on the history and culture Dubrovnik.

The only prerequisite for these classes is IGME-220, Game Design & Development I. For the fall of 2017, we are setting aside ten seats for non-majors in one section of the class–but it will be limited to the first ten students who have applied for and put a deposit down on the study abroad program.

In addition to the game design electives, students will have the opportunity to take a variety of other classes offered at RIT’s Dubrovnik campus, including options in liberal arts, management, math, science, and information technology.


RIT students pay the same tuition rates for studying in Croatia as they do for studying in Rochester. Financial aid received from RIT and federal aid sources can be used when studying at our global campuses, as well, as long as you maintain full-time student status (12 credits).

RIT charges a program fee of approximately $2780 that includes pre-paid housing in an furnished apartment in Dubrovnik, as well as several faculty-led weekend trips to cities in Croatia and surrounding countries. Other costs include air travel to and from Dubrovnik, food, Croatian health insurance, and visas–which total ~$2200 per student. However, because the cost of food, housing, and transportation in Dubrovnik is so much lower than it is in Rochester, study abroad can actually end up saving you money for the semester–take a look at our Croatia Cost Comparison!

For more information on the program,  contact Professor Elizabeth Lawley (Elizabeth.Lawley at, or visit the RIT Study Abroad Office.